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Compact – individual – strong


The new mail processing class by Müller Apparatebau enters ist second decade at the drupa 2012.

They cut, fold, rewind and unwind: For over 45 years the components of Müller Apparatebau in Kranzberg are a fixed installation in mail and paper processing. Approximately ten years ago the passionate machine builders sprang into action with a new class of mail processing systems: more compact, variable and versatile - with this claim and new possibilities for the mail realisation of the future Müller appears at the drupa 2012.

For decades the alternative in mail processing technology was clear: either relatively modest desktop
equipment limited in its capacity for the post office or large, fully equipped industrial machines with huge processing capacities - often more than 20,000 Units per hour. There was almost no medium segment. One also had to take a great risk for the future: The equipment of the respective systems was fixed; retrofitting with additional functions for control and processing was only possible under considerable effort - if at all.


Compact solutions for versatility, flexibility and precision

When the first Müller machines in the 7000 series appeared at customer‘s premises and at in-house exhibitions such as the Océ Open House in Poing shortly after the turn of the millennium, a whole new world opened up for the output pros. The Müller systems were put together from freely combinable components. They could be set up compactly on a few square metres and the configuration was not about output world records beyond the 25,000 hourly rate, but about versatility, flexibility and precision.
Here, the people of Kranzberg benefited from the development path of their company from components to complete output solutions. The number of delivery, preparation, processing and packaging components from which the specific Müller solution can be tailor-made for the customer is reaching the hundred mark with the focus on card mailing with documents - and further solutions will be added in time for the drupa 2012. An analogy to the automobile market suggests itself here: Previously there were also only well-equipped luxury and modestly equipped compact cars. In the past few years, the new classes of 1‘s or a series by the premium manufacturers have arrived and since then, fabulous equipment can be driven without having to look for a parking space to fit a fivemeter long piece of metal.


Drupa 2012: New components, new IT functionality

As a compact premium processor of a special kind Müller Apparatebau presented on the world‘s largest Printer meeting in Duesseldorf for the first time in 2008 - with considerable success. Those focusing on flexible and innovative solutions for transaction and mail processing in future will pay close Attention to the people of Kranzberg. For this reason, the company will do one better at the Drupa 2012: particularly the development of the processing options will be increased with further components. For solutions for customer card mailing, whereby one in the past relied on suppliers, one is now able to rely on an inhouse module which can be seamlessly integrated into the Müller workflow series for modern mailing production. The pilot plant of this system is already working at the largest German member organisation. There is also a greatly enhanced software suite in terms of functionality and compatibility. It offers data reading for bar and matrix codes and OCR text recognition, also for complete pages, status reports on the output process using a standard interface, monitoring and retracing of production in real time, individual insert control, personalised mailing printing and status Administration of all input channels and processing components. Thus all requirements on the mail factory of today and tomorrow are optimally served.


Versatility for the future of mail and letter

Be it from the drupa, the Mailingtage, the Druck+Form or the British Ipex: the Müller experts keep coming back with very specific customer enquiries and project definitions. And the applications in the postal offices and output centres are as individual as the configuration options: there is the complicated double envelope processing for postal certificates in the data processing centre under public law, the high quality processing at the Swiss asset manager, the variable cutting length conversion „on the fly“ for the numerous form prints of the large member organisations or the establishment of large C4 dispatches at the online insurance company. The extensive component set from Kranzberg makes all this possible. There are signs of upheaval in the mailing production at the output centres: The large, indistinguishable runs of millions of copies are passé, but the need for individual customer communication is growing unchecked. Nobody is able to predict today which new, individualised output products will be required by companies and organisations in future. Compact in performance and size, variable in configuration and workflow and extremely creative in its application for the mail of the future – that is the Müller concept of success which is growing more valuable from year to year. At the drupa 2012, the output specialists from Kranzberg want to prove the productivity of this positioning once again.

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