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The fast lane to the output center


Development of the OBS site in Suhl as the AOK Plus document center in a matter of months.

Output service provider for a large health insurance organization – many an outsider surely imagines this would be a business that proceeds according to fixed rules and can be easily planned in advance. Quite to the contrary. New laws and regulations have to be implemented and communicated quickly to the members. The most intensive users of health insurance – naturally of the older generation – prefer mail and documents in paper form. Reorganizations and mergers are also creating a lot of changes in the structure of public health insurers. The development of medical insurance plans in central Germany is a good example.


A merger and its consequences

The document service provider Océ-Deutschland Business Services GmbH (OBS) has been working for AOK Plus Sachsen in Dresden for many years. It has been responsible for the print shop since 2001 and took over all of output management a year later: Member notices and information letters, brochures, invitations and account statements are printed by OBS, put in envelopes, sent and archived. The merger of AOK Sachsen and AOK Thüringen created Germany’s six-largest health insurer in 2008 with around 2.7 million persons insured. In 2011 OBS took over the production and sending of all outgoing mail for Saxony and Thuringia at its sites in Dresden and Suhl. A few months after the the start of the project, in August of 2011, production started in Suhl with Océ 4000 series printing systems and a Müller 7010 series enveloping system.


Integration of solutions and components

Setting up the output system was based on the proven production processes, which had already been developed by Océ and OBS in cooperation with the customer AOK Plus in Dresden. OBS asked Bader GmbH (Viernau/Thuringia) as the service and distribution partner of Müller Apparatebau to prepare an offer for integrating the existing components into the new design of an enveloping system. The customer’s high standards had to be taken into account:
• Barcode reading for file-based, self-contained processing, with defective mailings being returned
automatically to the mail tracking system for reprinting
• Selective insert control
• Effective output of 10,000 cycles per hour
• Smooth interplay with the Océ Cosmos process control system and the in-house Océ series 4000 printing systems
The concept meticulously developed by Bader was an integral part of the OBS offer and crucial for acceptance by the customer AOK Plus. The enveloping professionals from Kranzberg fully met the requirement to integrate existing Müller components into the new system. Bader CEO Mario Anding: “A special benefit of the Müller systems is that they are made of modular, freely configurable components. This meant integrating the existing components into the new system was no problem.”


Sporting challenge and successful conclusion

After planning and the award of the contract, timely implementation was the key demand. OBS and Müller rose to the challenge and made sure that the printing and enveloping capacities were ready in record time. The site in Suhl was found, logistics were set up, personnel was hired and trained. The setup of the Müller System in the 7010 series was realized in parallel to installing the printing technology. Bader technician Silvio Mangold: “We adhered to the schedule precisely. Our machine was accepted on 29 August 2011. Today, in May of 2012, it has already completed more than 1.5 million enveloping cycles.”


Close to the service partner for secure support

Documents numbering in the high five figures are produced and enveloped at the OBS site in Suhl every day today, just a few streets away from the AOK-Plus office. For special promotions to all members or when large numbers of exemption notices have to be sent out, for example at every year end, the output abruptly increased by one hundred percent or more. So it is good to know that the technical experts are close by. Mario Anding: “All of our customers want flexibility and the shortest response times. Naturally we are prepared for that. The OBS site in Suhl really is a home game for us, since it is less than 20 kilometres from hour head office in Viernau – practically right outside our door.” A good basis for healthy cooperation between one of the country’s largest health professionals and its output service partner.

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