Müller Card 5000. Flexible Card
Processing System

Shopping, withdrawing money, confirming membership: Bank or customer cards are our daily companions. But first you have to make sure that each card finds its recipient – the Müller Card 5000 makes this possible. With maximum precision and flexibility, it dispenses up to 5000 cards per hour securely
and reliably onto the document.

Whether with a magnetic strip, chip (IC, RF) or print (codes, text) – the system reads the necessary information and automatically places the card in the desired position. Whether it is a standard application with only one card or a highly complex letter with changing card positions and numbers – the Müller
Card 5000 offers the right solution for every requirement. Multiple security checks ensure that all cards are reliably matched with the correct carrier. Continuous monitoring also ensures complete documentation and guarantees maximum integrity. Faulty cards and documents are automatically rejected.

Combined with a Müller Series 8000 inserting system, the documents can then be inserted ready for dispatch. Thanks to the modular system, the Müller Card 5000 can be adapted to individual requirements and wishes.

Reading • all types of cards
Fully automatic dispensing • up to 5000 cards per hour
Seamless integrity • document monitoring and Camera Job Control
Configuration flexibility • customer-specific system design



Technical Data*

Performance 5,000/h (DL)**
Document Cut sheet (2.000 sheets) or online do printer
(60) 80 - 100 (120) g/m²
280 - 320 mm (11 - 12,5") paper length
Processing Face down, foot first, A-Z (=standard)
Card affixing 1 - 4 Cards
Reading Magnet, IC,RF, Text, Codes
Card spender 2 Units
Folder Single prefold (before affixing the card)
Single postfold (smooth, after affixing the card)
Interface Central screen & local displays
Document monitoring
Interface for productions management systems (PMS)
Enclosures Min. 85 x 102 mm
Max. 150 x 235 mm
(40) 60 - 200 (250) g/m²
1.500 sheets
Envelopes Min. 120 x 200 mm (h x w)
Max. 162 x 240 mm (h x w)
70 - 120 g/m²
1.500 envelopes
8 mm filling capacity
Noise emmission < 75 DB**
  * partly optional
** at dedicated applications
and environmental conditions