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Müller stands for the most flexible paper handling solutions for the automated processing of digital printing products. We follow a unique principle: To meet individual customer requirements, the tailor made paper management system can be configured out of more than 100 combinable modules. The Müller Module Concept automates application, which had to be processed manually in the past. From cutting, folding, inserting to the verification of documents up to the affixing of plastic cards: Müller Systems offer state of the art technology and high reliability for the most diverse requirements from transaction printing up to graphic arts applications.



From more than 100 combinable modules, we create the appropriate paper management system according to all of your requirements. But Müller Systems also allow you great flexibility when expanding or modernizing, or simply adding on. Our modules are not only compatible with each other; they can also be integrated in existing systems with no problem.



Increasing process complexity: Books-on-demand, photo books, but also the processing of conventional transaction documents requires more opportunities to control the processes more individually. Müller offers high flexible solutions from the Full-Page-Reading, document comparison up to Workflow-Software.




High-Quality materials, precise workmanship and standardized components. And the result is greater ease of operation, maintenance and servicing, with reduced time and costs. Each of these components contributes to an efficient output in terms of quantity and quality and the longevity of the system.



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