Müller 8300. Flexible Multiformat
Inserting System

The Müller 8300 Multiformat Inserting System stands for high-quality and secure inserting of confidential documents as well as for processing different envelope formats. Thanks to simple and fast job set-up for format changes and ultimate flexibility due to the modular design, the Müller 8300 adapts
perfectly to increasingly complex applications.

In particular, the multi-channel system from Müller, which is freely configurable from 2 to 15 stations, enables this unique flexibility. This allows multi-channel applications with reading and enclosures to be produced in any order. Whether as a cut-sheet or from the web, with or without reading, un- or prefolded
enclosures – almost anything is possible.

Nearly all transaction applications from personalized large and small jobs to direct mail applications can be handled with the Müller 8300. The intuitive Müller software provides the necessary security and guarantees complete traceability throughout the entire production process.

Configuration flexibility • customer-specific system design
Dynamic speed • automatic speed adjustment
Envelope flexibility • largest selection with all intermediate formats
Process control • document monitoring and Camera Job Control
Flexible processing • cut-sheet and continuous or mixed processing




Technical Data

Performance Müller 8308
Müller 8306
8.000 (DL - C4)
6.000 (DL - C4)
Document   Cut sheet or continuous (pinless and pinfeed)
(60) 70 - 130 (170) g/m²
100 - 405 mm (4 - 16") paper length
15.000 - 40.000 documents/h
Processing   2-up continuous slalom and cut sheet
White paper management
Face down, foot first, A-Z (= standard)
Cutter   Horizontal slit and gutter cut at full speed
Vertical slit and gutter cut (left, right, within the document)
Folder   All types of fold up to 9 sheets (half fold up to 16 sheets)
Interface   Central screen & local displays
Document monitoring
Interface for productions management systems (PMS)
Enclosures   DL: Min. 98 x 190 mm, Max. 115 x 227 mm
C5: Min. 98 x 190 mm, Max. 155 x 227 mm
C4: Min. 200 x 280 mm, Max. 220 x 307 mm
(40) 60 - 200 (250) g/m²
1.500 sheets
Envelopes   DL: Min. 105 x 200 mm, Max. 120 x 240 mm (h x w)
C5: Min. 150 x 200 mm, Max. 162 x 240 mm (h x w)
C4: Min. 218 x 300 mm, Max. 250 x 345 mm (h x w)
70 - 120 g/m²
1000 envelopes
12 mm filling capacity