Müller 7700. Universal Mail Tracking System


With the Müller 7700 output reading system, tracking and tracing is simple. The system is modular designed and can be easily used online or offline. Thanks to flexible height adjustability and universal interface, integration into inserting systems is quickly regardless of the manufacturer.

The universal mail tracking system monitors envelopes for highest quality standards and maximum security – up to 30,000 times per hour. Depending on customer's definition it reliably diverts unreadable documents, duplicates and sequence errors, for example.

Tracking is possible for various formats – from C6/5 to C4. Thanks to full-page reading, the effort involved in job adjustment is minimal, user-friendly and thus ensures short changeover times.


Configuration flexibility • height adjustability, suitable for all manufacturers
Dynamic speed • automatic adaptation to the inserting system
Envelope flexibility • all envelope sizes
Ease-of-Use • central display, short set-up times


Flexible connection

The Müller 7700 consists of reading and deflection modules and can be integrated into all kinds of upstream and downstream systems. Its great advantage is the simple height adjustability, which can be controlled by the operator. This means that it can be connected to inserting systems and envelope stackers of all manufacturers and the paper run height can be adjusted in no time.

No matter which formats are to be processed – the Müller 7700 manages them: the system covers all common envelope sizes.
For physical handling, the mail tracking system is rollable, thus mobile and easy to handle.



Technical Data

Performance Up to 30,000 envelopes/h
Envelopes C6/5 up to C4*
Processing Position envelope window is flexible thanks to full page reading
Up to 13 mm envelope filling strength
Landscape, portrait
Face up, face down
Interface Universal interface to al inserting system
Downstream periphery Compatible with delivery belts, vertical stackers and mailbox systems from any manufacturer
  * Special dimensions are optionally available on request


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